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As Subaru watched [Name], who he could proudly call his wife, rocked their second child to sleep, he started thinking back as their eldest child snuggled against his chest, cuddled up on his lap.

<<4 years<<

Subaru watched in amusement as his girlfriend (Hopefully soon finacé) swung on the playgrounds swings.

"Subaru! Come over here! It's fun!" she giggled, her [h/c] hair swinging with her.

Subaru shook his head, "I'm good." he replied.

She sighed and got off the swing, "If you didn't want to swing, why bring me to the park? Hmm?" she asked, hugging him as she looked into his black eyes with her [e/c] orbs. He, yes Subaru Asahina the most awkward man around women, leaned down, and kissed [Name]'s lips.

When they broke he backed away a little, "[Name], this..." he took a deep breath, "This is where we had our first date. I want to make a new memory here." He paused for a moment, getting out a ring, "It... It was my grandmother's... And now yours... If you'll have me." he closed his eyes.

"YES!!!" [Name] screeched.

Subaru looked up at her, then stood to his full height, slipping the ring that was silver, and held a shining [birthstone] in the middle with two diamonds on both sides. "My grandmother was born the same month as you..." he blushed.

[Name] kissed him passionately, which led to the backseat of his car, if you know what I mean.

When they reached his house, [Name] walked in, and automatically, all the Brother's. Noticed the stunning ring on her finger.

"Way to go, Suba-nii!!" Fuuto exclaimed.

Subaru blushed, "Y-yeah." He then drug her up to his room, a little, or should I say 'big' problem apparent in his pants.

"Was it just me, or...?" Azusa asked.

"Yup! They're gonna get it on!" Tsubaki yelled.

"U-um... They're going to...?" a six month pregnant Ema asked her husband, Yusuke.

Yusuke growled, "Yes," he replied, then turned to his brothers, "Dammit, you guys!!! Can you shut your damn traps?!"

Ema 'Eep!'ed and Tsubaki laughed.

Even hours later, when the brothers had to use the fifth floor shower, they heard, "Ooooh... Faster! Subaru!!! SUBARU!!!"

Followed by a low growl and a muffled "[Name]... Not... Done yet..." and a louder growl followed.

They weren't bothered until the next morning, when [Name] woke up, and pecked his nose, "Morning, hon."

Subaru smiled, and snuggled into her neck and groaning. She smelled like sex and her perfume. He tried shifting her, and she groaned.

"W-what's wrong?!" Subaru exclaimed.

"Nothing, hon. Last night was just my first time, and you're big from what my friend's have said about their boyfriends. You were a little rough, too."

Subaru got awkward, "A-ah, you were my first, too." He blushed, turning around, or at least trying to, before she could catch him blush.

"No! It's cute when you blush!" she pouted, and kissed him. "Yes, you didn't pass out!"

Subaru kissed her forehead, "You're cute when you pout."

[Name] giggled.

Within 3 months, Masaomi noticed something was wrong.

[Name] had moved in, and was getting sick in the morning, craved [Least fave food], wanted candy galore, and was dragging Subaru back to their room about every night.

"[Name]...?" Masaomi called, "I have something that might help that nausea."

She looked at him, then grabbed the bag, "Gimme!" and went back in the room, and promptly shouted "WHAT?!"

Masaomi sighed, "You're taking it, right?"

"Yeah!" [Name] yelled from in the bathroom.

Five minutes later, [Name] walked out with the stick, "Pregnant..."

Masaomi smiled, "Best of luck to the both of you. I'll be glad to be it's pediatrician." he smiled.

"Thanks." [Name] smiled, then thought of the perfect way to tell him.

Meet me at our spot in the park, Suba.
[Name] Asahina'

Subaru smiled at the fact she was already using his last name.

Sure thing, noon?


[Name] then got to cooking, baby carrots and baby corn to snack on, went up stairs and wrapped up a copy of 'Juno' then wrapped the positive test in pink and blue wrapping paper, then places it in a box, which had rattles on it.

She arrived just as he did, and she ran over, and hugged him, "C'mon. I brought snacks."

Subaru chuckled and patted her head.

[Name] sat down, and opened the box, "baby corn and baby carrots. Also, open this." she smiled.

He opened it, and saw the copy of Juno, then looked at her, "Do you wanna watch this, or...?" he questioned.

"No," [Name] giggled, "Open this." she handed him the small box with rattles on the paper.

"Um... Interesting choice in paper..." but his expression changed from confused to, 'What am I looking at' and promptly passed out.

"Subaru?!" [Name] panicked, then calmed as he came around.

"Are you really...?"

[Name] grinned, "M-hm!!"

Subaru smiled, "I love you and our baby."

Six months later...

"SUBARU ASAHINA!!! I SWEAR WE ARE NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN!!!!" [Name] wailed one more time before they both heard,

"Congratulations, you two. It's a girl."

And after the cord was cut, she was handed to [Name], "Amane... Amane Asahina."

Subaru picked her up, "Amane... 'Heavenly Sound'... I love it." He kissed her forehead, "No boy will EVER touch you."


Through out the years, it was proven that she had him wrapped around her finger, as well as Yuzuki, who was born about 2 and 1/2 years later.

Now, at 16, Amane was pulled behind her father, Black curls in a ponytail, and [e/c] eyes glaring at her father who was looming over the poor boy who brought his daughter home 10 minutes late.

"I-I'm sorry, Asahina-San! I swear the movie ran over!!!"

Subaru let out a low growl, "Is that the truth...? If I find anything wrong with my daughter, meaning hickeys, you will never see her again."

"Daddy!" Amane exclaimed.

"Why's Daddy so protective?" Yuzuki asked her mother.

"He just wants his little girl safe." [Name] smiled.

"Hm..." Yuzuki said, "I'm going to bed. Good night, Momma!"

"Night," [Name] kissed her daughter's cheek.

Amane stomped right past [Name] And slammed her door.

Subaru helped [Name] up, and they checked on their 5 year old son, Satoshi, to make sure he was still asleep after his sister's out burst.

Once they were both in bed, [Name] snuggled to Subaru, "I love you. Night."

Subaru smiled and kissed her forehead, "Love you, too. Night."
So... I tried... I tried hard... I don't know if I got Subaru in character, if I did, YAY! If not, I'm trying until I get him right. Also, this has a bit of mature content, but I don't consider it mature enough to put the 'strict' mature tag on it if any, so just in case. So, yeah, have fun. 

Brothers Conflict and Subaru Asahina (c) Whoever they belong to

Story Plot (c) :icondubstepsweetheart:

You (c) Subaru :iconrightneplz:
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