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September 9, 2013
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Wearing your heart like a broken dream
Opening skies with your broken keys
No one can blind us any longer

Freshman Year

[Name] looked around, she felt so... alone. She didn't know anyone here in this school! She sat alone at lunch every day, didn't make any friends, no matter how hard she tried, and this went on for days.

On the second week of school, [Name] met a really nice boy. His name? Marco Bodt.

And thus began the trials of [Full Name] and Marco Bodt.

Senior Year

"Marco!" A girl from the cheerleading squad called as she giggled, and approached the couple.

And by couple I mean Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

And by Boyfriend and girlfriend I mean Marco and [Name].

"C'mon! We're going to hold a house party! Want to come?" she batted her eyelashes, and started flirting.

[Name] looked down. Who was she compared to the Cheersquad's leader?

No one. That's who.

"Um, no thanks. [Name] and I have plans that night." Marco smiled, trying to get the girl to go away.

"Aw! But I didn't even tell you the best part!"

"He said 'no'..." [Name] growled.

"Oh! [Name]," she said her name in a bitter tone, "Sorry, you're not invited. You should just give up your boyfriend already, and go find someone in your league." She snickered.

[Name] had, had enough. She ran out of the cafetiria.

She ran until she got to the entrance to the school, she told the office she was not feeling well, and that she was going home.

The office lady nodded, and let her out.

She ran to her car, and got in the front seat, turned the engine on, and drove out of the school's parking lot.

She eventually was crying so hard, she had to stop off the side of the road.

Back with Marco, he was about to punch this girl in the face. Screw her being a girl! "Don't. You. EVER talk to my girl like that AGAIN."

"But, Marco, you're on the football team! One of our best! And what is she? An ugly freak that's in the literature and music clubs."

Marco looked at the girl, "You know, if this is how you treat your enemies, I would hate to see how you treat your friends." He growled, and remembered that [Name] had ran out.

He ran to the front, and asked the office lady if [Name] had left.

"Yes, she did. She didn't seem to be doing well..."

"Ma'am, do you mind if I go look for her. She had a fight, and ran off."

The office lady looked frightened, and nodded, letting him out.

He drove for 45 minutes looking  for her, "Dammit, [Name]! Where are you?!"

He then went to her house, and luckily, saw her unmistakable Honda Element in her drive way.

"[Name]!" he shouted, as he approached her door, "Let me in, [Name]!" He tried the door and it was unlocked.

"[Name]..." he whispered, approaching her while she bawled on the couch.

"Don't come near me!" She yelled.

"Don't... [Name], I don't understand..." Marco said.

[Name] looked up at him, "Marco..." She started crying even more, "You deserve much better than me. I'm sorry I wasted so much  of your time. I... We're through."

Marco tried coming closer, to hold her, and cherish her, and tell her how much of that was so much bull!

"I said don't come near me!" she shreiked. She just wanted to forget him as soon as possible.

"[Name]... Please..." His heart was broken into a million little pieces.

"No! Leave, or I'm calling the cops!" she yelled at him.

He nodded, and left.

Later that day, when he was back home, Jean had gotten a text in the middle of his Trig/Calculus class saying that [Name] had broken up with him. He said he wanted to be left alone, but he had personally told Jean that if he and [Name] were to ever break up, he would probably wind up killing himself, she meant so much to him.

Jean dashed out the door, and to his car, driving quickly to Marco's.

"Marco!" Jean called from the downstairs.

There was a sob from up stairs. Jean figured he was in his room.

He walked in, only to find Marco sobbing, and holding something that looked like velve--... Oh. He was holding the engagment ring he'd worked all spring and summer to buy.

Marco threw it on the ground, the diamond in the center of a silver band, showing once the box hit the ground, and the top opened, "Not like I'm going to need that anymore."

Jean looked at him, and tried sitting next to him, "I thought I told you to leave me be." Marco said coldly.

"Yeah, but you told me if [Name] ever broke up with you, you'd kill yourself."

"..." Marco remained silent, "I can't live life with out her, Jean... It means literally nothing..."

Ah. He was that in love with her, "Marco, you can't just give up life because you broke up with your girlfriend."

"Did you hear what happened?" Marco asked.

"No..." Jean replied.

"The cheersquad captain degraded [Name] right in front of me, telling  her that she needed to find someone in 'Her leauge' because I was 'Way out of it'." Marco said, facing the wall.

"That's rough..." Jean commented.

[Name] on the other hand, was still bawling, except, in the arms of her other best friend, Bertholdt Fubar.

"[Name]... It can't be that bad, can it?" Bertholdt asked.

[Name] just bawled more, "You don't understand... I'm so... so in love with him..."

Bertholdt just hugged her closer to him.

The next day at school, word had gotten out that Marco was fair game, and he had girls surrounding him. He looked towards [Name]'s locker, only to see Bertholdt, the only other person she really hangs out with following her, it was a fleeting glance, but he swore, she looked at him.

"C'mon, Marco! Let's go to class!" The same girl from the day before said, basically using the Volleyball method by giving the girls the 'mine' signal.

"No, I'm not going just yet." he yanked out of her grip.

"But Marco!" She exclaimed, "We need to walk together if we're going to be a couple!"

Marco looked at her, "What the HELL makes you think we're a couple?! No. I'm getting [Name] back if it's the last thing I do."

"But, Marco," another girl whined, "She's just a loser! You want one of us, right? I mean, we're actually in the same league." She chuckled.

Marco got infuriated, "LEAVE. [NAME]. ALONE. NOW." and ran  off to search for her.

He looked everywhere, this was her free period, "[Name]!" He yelled as he found her.

"No!" She yelled, and tried to run away, but he caught her wrist.

She looked back, crying "Why don't you go out with one of those girls?!" [Name] yelled.

"BECAUSE! I WANT YOU, [NAME]! I'M A SORRY EXCUSE FOR MAN WITHOUT YOU!" He yelled back, pulling her into his chest, "I want to be together forever, ok? I don't like those  girls. They have nothing compared to you..." he kissed the top of her head.

[Name] bawled, "Marco... Please... Don't ever leave me..."

"I will never let you go, [Name]. Not even if we were on opposite ends of the earth. I'd make my way to you somehow." He said, making her look at him, and kiss him.

That night, [Name] laid in Marco's bed with him, and he pulled out the ring, "[Name], I think you know what this means..."

[Name] gasped, opening it, a ring... not to flashy, but perfect for her, "Marco..." She cried, "Yes!"

And with that kiss, they knew they were going to start a life together, where no one could seperate them.

We'll run where lights can't chase us
Hide where love can save us
I will never let you go
I KEPT HIM ALIVE IN THIS ONE! :icondignitylaughplz: So, yeah. This is based on the song 'Spectrum' by Zedd (very lightly). As for why I wrote this, I wanted to use this song, and make it like a superstar!reader thing, but yeah. That didn't fly so well. My brain was like :iconjohnhahanoplz: and I was all :iconabitnotgoodplz: I'M GONNA MAKE THIS WORK! and when I made it work I was just like HA BRAIN! :iconbbcmycroftplz: :iconsherlockpopupplz: This is the product of :iconsherlocksmileyplz: (if you watch Sherlock you should get that, if not, Sherlock shoots it when he gets bored, so it's kinda my symbol for boredom.)

EDIT! There's a part 2!
Link to Part 2:…
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