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aishiteru iru

Fuuto was basking in all the attention he was getting. Except from her. Her name was [Full name]. She lived with him. And by that I mean she just moved in. And by THAT I mean that her elder sister had married his eldest brother.

"Ne, ne, [Name]-chan!" he yelled.

"What, Fuuto?" she groaned out.

"You know, you should be glad you live with me."

"Why...?" she asked skeptically, in secret, they were going out. She was just super jealous of the other girls. They were so much prettier, and all that. Soon, he'd bore of her, and move on.

"Because," he then leaned down to her ear, "I'm going to punish you tonight for even thinking I'd like another girl." and kissed her cheek.

"Wh-what?!" she shrieked. Knowing he wasn't going to go easy on her.

~~~You're my love, You're Venus~~~

Later that day, around time to go home, a group of girls ganged up on her, "How is it, that you, the ugliest girl here, can snag Fuuto-sama?"


"Oh, little girl out of excuses...?" one said, taking out a knife, and grabbing her hair, slashing it off to just below her ears.

"P-please, stop!!"

"Hmmm... If you give up Fuuto, we'll go a little easier on you." they smirked.

"F-fine!" the sooner it was over, the better.

Another one grabbed a concealed knife, "How about some cuts to the stomach...?" one smirked.

"NO! Anywhere but there, please!!!"

"Oh, really? Guess we have to then..." another smirked.

They slashed her stomach, not going as deep as she thought they would.

"And how about a punch to the face." and with that, she was knocked out.

~~~I don't care! I love it!~~~

When Fuuto arrived home, he looked around, "Ne! Ne, Mia! Where's [Name]?"

Just then, [Name] walked in with a bloody shirt, cut off hair, and a black eye. She looked down, and asked, "Where's Masaomi. I need to get some cuts looked at."

Fuuto looked at what was wrong, and thought back to earlier that day, he'd heard some girls talking.

"What gives her the right to see him? She's nothing compared to us, right?" one girl had said.

"We'll need to take care of that, then..." another had cackled.

What, had they seen him kiss her cheek...?

"[Name]..." Fuuto tried to get her attention, "Hey, [Name]..."

"I'm sorry, Fuuto... We're through."

Fuuto had never been this hurt because of a girl. Never.

But his heart hurt to see her in this condition.

~~~The only proof that I need is you~~~

Mia went into see Masaomi and left Fuuto looking blankly at the couch. "Hey, what's wrong...?" Mia asked, "With [Name], I mean."

"Erm... She's with child. Fuuto's child. She wouldn't tell me what happened, she just asked where a good place was for an abortion." Masaomi sighed.

Mia looked down and nodded, "Thanks."

~~~Please don't forget me, I'm going' away~~~

[Name] was hiding in her room, apologizing to her unborn child over and over.

Instead of the usual 'Ding dong' the door made, there was an angry pounding, "[NAME!!!]" she heard, "IF THIS IS BECAUSE OF THOSE GIRLS, PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE ME! YOU IDIOT! THOSE GIRLS MEAN NOTHING! WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?!" she heard the knocking lessen, and pitiful sobs coming from the door, with a final, "Please..."

[Name] made her way over to the door, "Fuuto..."

He automatically stood up, and stroked her once long silky hair, "[Name]... I overheard Masaomi telling Mia that you're looking for a place for an abortion." he snuggled into her neck, "Please, don't..." she could feel the tears roll down her neck, "I'll do anything if you'll keep the baby..."

[Name] started sobbing, too. "I won't get rid of it... But, if I go back to school, those girl's will..."

"Never bother you again." He replied, "I'll be with you all day there."

[Name] cried, "Why do you like me, anyway...?"

"Because you're you. Can I ask you something...?"

"Yeah, anything." [Name] weakly smiled.

"えいご で すきだ わ なんですか。" [1]

"It's 'I love you', why?" [name] responded, "Why?"

Fuuto got quiet and blushed, "Because I... I wanted to be able to speak in your language. More specifically, I want to learn to be able to move you back to America, once we're married." He smiled, "With me, you Baka." he grinned at her.

[Name] beamed, "But your career..." she trailed off, "I want you to keep singing, and try to make it here."

Fuuto looked at her confused, "But when you got here when we were Freshman, you wanted to go back so badly..."

"Things change." [Name] smiled, "ね、ふうと… にほんご で I'll Love you forever わ なんですか。" [2]

"にほんご で えいえん に あいしてる よ です 。 なに?" [3]

"I don't think I can pronounce this right, but eien ni ai-aishit-aishiteru yo." [Name] smiled at him, but he chuckled back.

"That was perfect."

~~~Hey mind reader...~~~

The next day at school, the girls that had beat [Name] up came at her again, when she walked in with a beautiful haircut, and Fuuto's arm around her waist.

"H-how did you fix your hair?!" one girl yelled.

"My future brother-in-law." [Name] smirked.

"What about giving him up?!" another one asked through gritted teeth.

"Excuse me, idiots." Fuuto said, "If you'll properly apologize to my [Pet/nickname] here, I'll press charges, but they won't be as harsh as attempted murder."

"M-murder?! We weren't trying to kill her, we just..."

"No, not kill [Name] kill my child which resides in [Name]." Fuuto smirked.

Needless to say, the girls didn't get away with just a slap on the wrist, thanks to his second eldest brother.

~~4 years later~~

[Name] was tackled by her and Fuuto's rambunctious little 3 and 1/2 year old boy, Fumio, "Okaasan!" he exclaimed, "Will you play with me?" he looked at her with adorable [e/c] eyes, and his light brown hair bouncing.

[Name] was a little taken back, Fuuto had promised to keep Fumio off her as best he could until her pregnancy ended, "What happened to Daddy?" [Name] asked.

"He's getting the nursery ready."

"Who's watching Yuriko?"

"Otousan is." Fumio replied.

[Name] walked in to see Fuuto with their 2 year old daughter.

"Dada! Baby here?" Yuriko asked, her [h/c] curls swinging to the side as she tilted her head, brown eyes curious.

"No, sweetie, not yet." Fuuto replied putting up the final thing that was left for the nursery. The 'I' in Kairi, which is what their next child's name is.


Fuuto looked at [Name], "It's time, isn't it?!" Fuuto panicked, just like both before this one.


He got her downstairs, where he had Masaomi come and help deliver their baby, "Mia!" [Name] exclaimed, upon seeing her sister, "Masaomi's on his way, right?!"

"Nope, sorry honey, he got stuck at the office. I'm helping deliver."

[Name] just dropped her head back, "Well, at least you're an OB nurse..."

When the pushing started, Fuuto had Wataru watch Aika (Mia and Masamoi's daughter), Fumio, and Yuriko, so they wouldn't bee too worried.


Fuuto cringed, but stayed by her side, then the baby was out, "Want to cut the cord, Fuuto?"

Fuuto smiled and cut the umbilical cord, and the babe started crying, "It's a girl, imouto-chan." Mia smiled at her sister.

"She's beautiful. She looks exactly like you, Fuuto..." [Name] cried.

"But she does have some of you in her. Like her nose. She's already got your (lip/c) lips. Plump bottom lip like yours, too."

"Well, I know you two were debating on names, so why not pick one now?" Mia smiled.

"[Name] already won out. I caved." Fuuto sighed.

"Kairi." [Name] smiled.

"Perfect." Mia smiled, "Kairi Asahina..." she said, getting the paperwork for her birth certificate ready.

"Ne, Fuuto...?" [Name] called.


"あいしてる いる。[4]" [Name] whispered, "And Fumio, Yuriko, and Kairi."

"ぼく も あなた を あいしてる です。[5]" Fuuto kissed her cheek as she slept, and Fumio and Yuriko gathered around their new little sister.

I love you
Ok, I should probably explain somethings...First, Fuuto and Reader-chan are seniors. 

Second, I only used 2 brothers; Fuuto (A durr) and Masaomi and referenced Ukyou because, damn. You try fitting 13 boys into a oneshot. 

Third, about his emotional thingy. I know, OOC, but I feel that he would be strongly emotionally attached to someone who got close enough for him to want to marry, and that stems from him being a pop star. So once he makes that connection, he never wants it to break, and gets scared when it does. I know 'Ema!' but she kind of broke it, since I ship her with Yusuke, and their married in this... 

ALSO! Instead of head bobbing I used song lyrics from songs I like as the markers...  

Venus by Shinhwa 

I love it by Icona Pop 

Proof by Paramore 

Going away by Meg and Dia And 

Mind Reader by VersaEmerge

So all copyrights goes to them!!!

OK! Translations. 

Title: I want to be with you forever
[1] How do you say sukida in English?
[2] How do you say 'I'll love you forever' in Japanese? 
[3] It's 'eien ni aishiteru yo' in Japanese. Why? 
[4] I love you. 
[5] I love you, too.
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